How to Setting up Nativity scenes

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The term Nativity is derived from the Latin term which means birth. Nativity scenes generally refer to the life of Jesus Christ. The Nativity scenes are created during the annual Christian holiday using Stables and grottos. It is their Holy celebration and an ecclesiastical tradition about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas includes many kinds of activities celebrated by Christians among the most important is the building of a Nativity scene. This activity is particularly performed during the Christmas season. A piece of art or theme represents the birth of Jesus Christ. A Nativity scene set is inspired by the birth of Jesus Christ, his mother Mary and her husband Joseph.

This tradition is believed to have started around 1223 by Saint Francis of Assisi in Central Italy, Greccio. The components of Nativity scenes can include: static Nativity scenes, living Nativity scenes, and last but not least animals in Nativity scenes.

A huge number of Nativity scenes are displayed around the world during the Christmas season but the main purpose and meaning is to represent the birth of Jesus.

Figures required

  •         Mary
  •         Joseph
  •         Baby Jesus
  •         Stable
  •         Shepherd
  •         Sheep
  •         Animals
  •         Angels
  •         Wise Men

 How to set up Nativity scenes?

The first and foremost thing to be considered is the location. The location should be selected very carefully so it is visible to all. It can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Collect all your necessary figures to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  The Baby Jesus figure should be at the center of the manger while Mary and Joseph are on the sides of the Child. Mary should be the closest to the Child. Mary should be placed in such a way that she looks directly at the Child and the manger while Joseph shouldn’t be as close as Mary. Place the Wise Men the furthest away from the scene as they were the last to arrive and place the camels near them. Arrange the animals and shepherds around the stable, with the sheep near the shepherds. The Wise Men should be placed in the form of a group. Finally, place the angels at the top of the stable.

Create an environment to develop and increase your faith

All the members of your family should gather after the Nativity scene is complete and discuss the meaning and purpose of the activity. You should read some verses from the Bible.

In the Nativity scene, you set up each sole figure and character with a unique meaning and purpose. These Nativity scenes shouldn’t be taken as just an activity but it should be given a huge amount of reverence, appreciation and gratitude as it is the symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ.

While reading the story or verses from the Bible, pause and reflect on the important aspects on why he is celebrated and the meaning it has in your life

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